The W8DIG D-Star Repeaters

The W8DIG D-Star Repeater system consists of a complete Icom compliment of repeaters. There is Digital Voice with low speed data on 2Meters, 70CM and 1.2Ghz as well as high speed data on the 1.2Ghz band.


W8DIG /A - 23 CM Digital Voice, 1285.00 Mhz with a -12Mhz offset

W8DIG /A - 23 CM Digital Data, 1298.00 Mhz simplex

W8DIG /B - 70 CM, 442.650 Mhz with a +5Mhz offset

W8DIG /C - 2 Meter, 145.390 Mhz with -600Khz offset

Gateway and D-Star Monitor

The W8DIG D-Star Repeater runs Icom G3 Gateway server software and
D-Star Monitor for DPRS for automatic position reporting.